Remembering Your Loved One

A memorial can be a fitting, lasting tribute to your loved one. Chapel by the Sea can help you choose what this will be.

The memorial can help you and your family to remember the one who is gone, as well as give you a spot to visit in order to reflect and pay your respects.

A memorial is perhaps one of the most important pieces of planning after a death.

It helps to think about your loved one’s personality when planning a memorial. Ask yourself what they loved, what made them smile, and what inspired them throughout their life.  

Think of these parts of their character and their being, and you will be on your way to planning the perfect memorial for them.

Memorialize Your Loved One with Lots of Options

At Chapel by the Sea, we can help you sift through the memorial options and choose what’s exactly right for remembering your special loved one.


Examples of options include the following:

Private or Community Mausoleums

A mausoleum is a structure which can house the remains of your loved one. Mausoleums can be private (just for one person or a family) or for a community (where multiple people from different places and families are entombed in the same mausoleum). These structures can be elaborate or plain as well as large or small.

Personalized Memorial Markers

A classic fixture in cemeteries, a personalized memorial marker will bear your loved one’s name, date of birth, date of death, or any other information you deem as important. For instance, some people add the family designation (mother, sister, father, etc.), a favorite passage from scripture, or a quote with meaning to the loved one or the family.  

Memorial markers can be upright stones or statues, or flat markers.

It can be tough to choose a memorial. Chapel by the Sea can help you pick the option that suits your loved one best.