Why Plan Ahead?

Pre-planning gives you a way to eliminate some of the tough choices your family must make after your passing.  At Chapel by the Sea, pre-planning is simply a way to help your loved ones during a difficult time.



Help Ease Your Loved Ones

When you pre-plan, your family won’t have to make choices that will cause them more stress and grief after you’re gone. 

In a way, it’s a gift to pre-plan for your funeral, memorial, and burial. That way, your loved ones don’t have to make decisions that they’re unsure about, decisions that are much harder while dealing with loss.

When your family is confident that your funeral services are exactly what you wanted, they will feel like they are honoring you properly. It’s a gift that goes both ways.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

Choosing the way you will be remembered is powerful.

That’s what you will get when you pre-plan. You’ll know that, when you pass away, you’ll get a send-off full of dignity and respect. You’ll know where you’ll be buried, where your services will be located, and what their content will be. 

You may even choose to add comforting aspects to your funeral just for your loved ones, like playing songs you all loved, or giving memorial gifts posthumously for remembrance, such as letters, photos, postcards, or jewelry.

You may choose to highlight your culture or your family tree. You might want to hone in on family relationships along with events and memories that shaped your life. You might choose to focus on your favorite things, like music, books, movies, and art.

Pre-planning is Both Smart and Selfless

At Chapel by the Sea, let us help you plan for how you’ll be remembered, not to mention help you make decisions that your family won’t have to worry about after you are gone. These are gifts for yourself as well as the people you care about.